Interior Remodeling

Transform Your Home or Business's Interior

When you work with F & J General Contracting LLC, you have a high-quality team at your disposal. When we come to look at your remodeling space, we will take measurements and gather any ideas you have. Since we have over two decades of experience, we will also provide you with recommendations to help you envision your new space. We will protect your property with best practices and clean up afterward.

Full Room Remodeling

Do you have a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom that isn't in style? At F & J General Contracting LLC, we will help you with every aspect of a full remodel job. From rearranging appliances, adding in an island, or reworking the plumbing, we will do it all. Turn your home into your own personal paradise with experienced home renovation services.

Brighten Any Room With New Paint

New paint can change the whole feeling and look of a room. If you already have a paint picked out, we will use that to get started. If you are unsure which color would look best, then our team will offer you suggestions. We are also able to remove popcorn ceilings, wallpaper and fill in any holes to make the project look great.

Kitchen Remodeling

Dry Wall Repair & Replacement

At F & J General Contracting LLC, we will repair or replace any drywall. We will help you create new rooms by installing them or ripping them out. No matter what you have in mind, we will do it.

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Interior Remodeling Services

Replace Your Old Windows & Doors

You should call our team when you have an old window or door to replace. We will work with: